Awards 2020
The Guildhall, London
22 January 2020

City Mark Award: Driver of the Year

Nomination Closed

This award will go to a driver that demonstrates going ‘above and beyond’ their job. City Mark is looking for a Driver who is a clear role model of safety, customer care, cooperation and integrity.

Effective, safe and exemplary driving requires:-

1. An employee you would clearly select as an ambassador for your company.

2. He/she has an impressive training record and is always keen to learn and pass on experience.

3. Takes responsibility for the compliance of his vehicle first thing and throughout the day.

4. A clean licence and a no fault accident record for the past 5 years.

5. Goes above and beyond what can normally be required for driving amongst the highest density of vulnerable users in the UK.

If you require further details on the award submission process email Ann-Marie Knegt on

Click here to download supporting documentation 

A City Mark Award is given to a Driver for demonstrating a level of best practice and customer care that goes beyond just being a driver of a lorry or van. We are looking for drivers who are clear ambassadors of your company that not only have all of the relevant training, but also are exemplars of customer service.