Awards 2020
The Guildhall, London
22 January 2020

City Mark Award: Transport Operator

Nomination Closed

Applying for a City Mark Award

To apply for a City Mark Award you must be able to provide clear evidence that your Transport Operations are safe, effectively managed and demonstrate progression within the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). This can include a wide spectrum of initiatives involving your fleet, drivers and commitment to achieving best practice across your operation to become a role model for other transport operators.

Transport Operations

To demonstrate that you have established safe and effective Transport Operations you need to be in a position to explain and evidence a range of areas fleet management areas specifically covering the areas listed below.

Effective, safe and progressive Transport Operations includes:-

1. Demonstrating your strategy to get from Bronze to Silver and onto Gold Membership of FORS

2. Explanation of your Fleet Strategy to move towards safer and more direct vision vehicles.

3. The training and development of all your staff not just drivers.

4. Implementation of best practices that have reduced collisions or bent metal insurance claims.

5. Customer satisfaction data from your clients or community road safety initiatives supported.

If you require further details on the award submission process email Ann-Marie Knegt on

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A City Mark Award is given to a Transport Operator for demonstrating a level of best practice that goes beyond just being able to tick boxes to say a process has been implemented or being followed. We are looking for exemplars of best practice in transport management and policy implementation, effectively a role model in Transport Operations that goes the extra mile.